Ancestral Author Plus 3.0.12 Released

Fixed a bug that caused register numbers in a descendant report to appear out of order when the global date sorting option was enabled.

Ancestral Author Plus 3.0.11 Released

Several new features and a few bug fixes have been added to Ancestral Author Plus:

  • Added support for altnerate birth, baptism, christening, marriage, death, and burial events. These can be output as a list of alternate dates after the primary (i.e. first) date, or as separate sentences. See descendant, ancestor options dialogs, 'Output' tab.
  • Added support for PROP GEDCOM tag (see descendant, ancestor options dialogs, 'GEDCOM' tab).
  • Implemented support for angle brackets in titles and headings.
  • Fixed a bug in the GEDCOM browser - it now respects CONC, CONT user settings specified in the descendant and ancestor report options dialog. Extra blanks, and run-together words should no longer appear.
  • Implement more graceful handling of unmatched, unrecognized, and illegal XML tags that appear in GEDCOM notes, sources, events, and other contexts. For example, an improperly closed list item tag, <li>, should no longer result in garbled text in the output document.
  • Fixed several other bugs to improve stability and performance.

Ancestral Author Plus 3.0.10 Released

The following changes have been made to Ancestral Author Plus:

  • Generation headings are now supported in both Ancestor and Descendant reports. These headings are placed before each new generation in the report. For example:

    Generation Number 1

    There are options to place the heading in the table of contents (or not), and force a page break before each generation heading, so that each generation is started on a new page. The actual text of the generation heading can be modified by selecting the 'Phrases' menu item. The font and point size can be changed by pressing the 'Options' button on the main dialog.
  • A few minor bugs have been fixed.