Formatting Genealogy Documents

What if you want to rearrange the ordering of text in your genealogy documents? Maybe you want the notes for a person to come after the list of children, rather than before. Or maybe you want all the family notes to come before any of the children. Ancestral Author Plus gives you full control on the ordering of text in your genealogy document.

Posted 29 Oct 2021

Incorporating Images Into Your Genealogy Document

Pictures and old family photos can make your family history vastly more interesting than a purely textual document. Photos of your ancestors, the 'old homestead', gravestones, and even old documents can make a huge difference in how attractive your genealogy document looks, and how interesting it is to read. Ancestral Author Plus has multiple ways to add pictures to family history documents.

Posted 7 Feb 2021

GEDCOM Spell Checking

Spell Checking a GEDCOM File

Have you ever misspelled a word when entering data into your favorite genealogy program? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to thoroughly check the spelling in your GEDCOM file? There is! By using Ancestral Author Plus to create LibreOffice word processing files, you can easily find and correct spelling errors.

Posted 24 Feb 2020

Ancestral Author Generates PDF or ODT

Pros And Cons Of PDF versus Open Document Text (ODT) Output

Ancestral Author Plus can create genealogy documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Open Document Text format (ODT). What is the difference, and why use one format vs. another?

Posted 2 Jan 2020