Upgrade to Ancestral Author Plus

Version 3.1.14

$10.00 US

Payment by Credit Card or PayPal

Payments Processed by MyCommerce

Owners of Ancestral Author Classic are entitled to a reduced price on Ancestral Author Plus, equal to the difference in price between the two. By upgrading to Ancestral Author Plus, you will retain your license to Ancestral Author Classic, but have access to the full feature set and flexibility of Ancestral Author Plus.

To be entitled to the upgrade, you must have previously purchased Ancestral Author Classic (version 2.x or earlier), and must use the same name and/or email that you used to purchase Ancestral Author (now called Ancestral Author Classic). If you don’t remember what name you used, or if your email address has changed, send an email to support@ancestralauthor.com and we will look you up in our database.

Once you have purchased the upgrade, you can download Ancestral Author Plus immediately. Within 24 hours you will recieve an email with the registration code that unlocks the full feature set of Ancestral Author Plus.

Thanks for your interest in Ancestral Author