Advantages of Open Document Format

  • International Standard
  • Not tied to proprietary vendor format
  • Used natively by both LibreOffice and OpenOffice
  • Adopted by governments, businesses, and agencies because it’s an open standard
  • LibreOffice and OpenOffice are developed by Open Source Community
  • Free

Which to Use: OpenOffice or LibreOffice?

  • Both use Open Document Format international standard
  • Both are Open Source and free
  • Both run on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Both have tutorials on YouTube, plenty of online educational info
  • Similar user interfaces
  • OpenOffice may be a bit faster
  • LibreOffice may be a bit more polished
  • LibreOffice has support for more output formats (e.g. MSWord .docx)
  • Both work fine with Ancestral Author